Plasnor sponsors Sociedad Deportiva Ilintxa

Plasnor is the new sponsor of Sociedad Deportiva Ilintxa in Legazpi. The company and the club sealed a sponsorship agreement for two seasons: 2015-2016 and 2016-2017. Plasnor will be the sponsor of the men´s team in the Preferente league and the women´s team in the Territorial category.

The sponsorship of the teams is a territorial support initiative in order to encourage values such as sport, gender equality and team work.

Sociedad Deportiva Ilintxa is an historic local club that supports up and coming young players and it has always been linked to the town of Legazpi. The team also known as the Equipo Tizonero, was established in the Valle del Hierro in Alto Urola.

Meal of brotherhood

Last October 1st, a meal of brotherhood was held by former workers of Plasnor. All of the ex-co-workers ware at the company staff at the beginning of its activity.

The lunch was celebrated at Etxeberri Restaurant and enable them to enjoy a magnificent atmosphere and share many anecdotes happened in the company since its start up at early 70s.


plasnor-carrera-empresas2At 10 May, PLASNOR participated in the COMPANY RACE / EMPRESEN LAISTERKETA 2015 with 2 tames, spanning a 9Km route along the La Zurriola, La Concha and Ondarreta beaches. The great weather and teamwork made it so that both teams enjoyed the test, and we got good sport and personal results. After a bit of perspiration and a cold shower, both participants and cheerleaders enjoyed a good meal as well.

We all had the same taste left in our mouths: next year, there will be more, and it will be better!

Many thanks to the participants and cheerleaders. Until next year!

PLASNOR will be taking part in the COMPANY RACE 2015

The 10 May, PLASNOR will be taking part in the COMPANY RACE / EMPRESEN LAISTERKETA 2015 held in Donostia, spanning 9Km km. This year, PLASNOR will have 2 4-person teams: one male, and one co-ed. After the race, we will enjoy a meal with our running partners: partner both from the race and from the company!!!! They will take off at 10:30 at Alderdi Eder. You are all invited to cheerlead!!!!