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The main elements behind PLASNOR’s identity are:


    At PLASNOR, we place value on an essential part of our COMPETITIVE EDGE: the HUMAN TEAM and the KNOW-HOW of those on it.

    We are constantly working on achieving our MISSION and STRATEGY.

    MISSION: To be a point of reference in our production areas of activity: EXTRUSION and THERMOFORMING


    We have a production plant in Legazpi. It covers a surface area of more than 11,000 m2, perfectly conditioned to carry out productive processes in EXTRUSION and THERMOFORMING, as well as a series of COMPLEMENTARY PROCESSES.


    Currently, PLASNOR EXPORTS MORE THAN 70% OF ITS SALES to the FIVE CONTINENTS. For years, PLASNOR has been focusing on a strategy of INTERNATIONALIZATION AND DIVERSIFICATION OF MARKETS, which has made our products present and competitive world-wide.


    We have more than 40 YEARS of experience manufacturing plastics. Throughout its history, PLASNOR has followed a strategy to diversify sectors, which has allowed it to adapt to each moment’s needs.

    WILL TO REMAIN: Our objective for PLASNOR PROJECT is the continuity, so we focus on the FUTURE.

  • R+D+i

    At PLASNOR, we consider that R+D+i is AN ESSENTIAL PART OF OUR COMPANY STRATEGY in focusing on the future, and a necessary factor for continued improvement.

    We have our OWN R+D DEPARTMENT and we collaborate ON DIFFERENT EUROPEAN PROJECTS to develop products with TECHNOLOGICAL CENTRES.