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Plasnor to attend Caravan Salon 2020 from 4th to 13th september in Düsseldorf

Plasnor will be at the Caravan Salon Fair in Düsseldorf (Germany), the world’s leading trade fair for caravans and motorhomes. There will be 10 pavilions in total, with 300 exhibitors,…

At Plasnor we are prepared to deal with second waves of the pandemic: we manufacture transparent materials for protective partitions

Plasnor is prepared to act quickly and efficiently in the event of any regrowth of the pandemic, offering the best service for the manufacture of transparent materials for the production…

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The main elements behind PLASNOR’s identity are:


    At PLASNOR, we place value on an essential part of our COMPETITIVE EDGE: the HUMAN TEAM and the KNOW-HOW of those on it.

    We are constantly working on achieving our MISSION and STRATEGY.

    MISSION: To be a point of reference in our production areas of activity: EXTRUSION and THERMOFORMING


    We have a production plant in Legazpi. It covers a surface area of more than 11,000 m2, perfectly conditioned to carry out productive processes in EXTRUSION and THERMOFORMING, as well as a series of COMPLEMENTARY PROCESSES.


    Currently, PLASNOR EXPORTS MORE THAN 70% OF ITS SALES to the FIVE CONTINENTS. For years, PLASNOR has been focusing on a strategy of INTERNATIONALIZATION AND DIVERSIFICATION OF MARKETS, which has made our products present and competitive world-wide.


    We have more than 40 YEARS of experience manufacturing plastics. Throughout its history, PLASNOR has followed a strategy to diversify sectors, which has allowed it to adapt to each moment’s needs.

    WILL TO REMAIN: Our objective for PLASNOR PROJECT is the continuity, so we focus on the FUTURE.

  • R+D+i

    At PLASNOR, we consider that R+D+i is AN ESSENTIAL PART OF OUR COMPANY STRATEGY in focusing on the future, and a necessary factor for continued improvement.

    We have our OWN R+D DEPARTMENT and we collaborate ON DIFFERENT EUROPEAN PROJECTS to develop products with TECHNOLOGICAL CENTRES.