Large-sized pieces

piezas de gran tamaño

At Plasnor we produce large-sized pieces for the renewables, packaging and bodywork sectors. These large-sized pieces can be up to 3x2x0.9 metres, and are manufactured from all types of materials. We manufacture different types of large pieces: fairing, water and grease collectors for nacelles, pieces for railroads, for buses, inner pieces, outside pieces, spoilers…

We work with different materials and we also have specific materials for special uses: self-extinguishing and non-flammable, UV Resistant for outdoor use, antistatic, anti-vandalism… At Plasnor we produce large-sized pieces in the following materials: HIPS, ABS, ABS/PMMA, PC, HDPE, BLEND ABS/PC, PP, ABS/TPU, ABS/TPE, PE SOFT, BLEND PS-PE…

We should add that, in addition to the thermoformed materials mentioned, we have materials that comply with regulation R118.02 for the automotive, coaches and bus sector.

In addition to creating and manufacturing large-sized pieces for different sectors and in a wide variety of materials, at Plasnor we offer personalised advice to every client, to ensure that the end result satisfies all the specifications requested.

At Plasnor we offer advice about the material to be used for every use, and the most suitable thickness of plate for every material and for every use. Having established the use and application of each piece the most suitable material and the specific thickness for each plate is decided.