Visit of Arantxa Tapia and Alex Arriola to Plasnor

Arantxa Tapia, Minister for Economic Development and Infrastructures of the Basque Government, and Alex Arriola, General Director of SPRI (Basque business development agency), recently visited the Plasnor production facilities. Both were able to take a closer look at the different projects carried out at the company using extrusion and thermoforming technologies, enabling them to gain a deeper knowledge of the reality of these production processes and the plastics industry.

Alongside management and the founding partners of Plasnor, both Tapia and Arriola observed the many uses offered by this material, witnessing the production process of different pieces, from start to finish.

The visit began in the lamination manufacturing process, with the multi-layer extrusion machines, where they got a first-hand look at the production of sheets and rolls. They were also able to find out more about the colour concentrates or master batches that are produced in house at the Plasnor laboratory. The visit then continued with a trip to the thermoforming, machining and assembly facilities. Seeing the entire production process in situ and the different finished products and applications, made the guests see the importance that the sector currently has in the Basque industrial community.

Once the tour of the facilities had finished with a visit to the showroom, the Plasnor management was able to give an account of the current situation of the company and the sector, to both the minister of the Basque Government and the director of SPRI: national and international markets, use and advantages of plastic pieces in different sectors, product diversification, sustainability…

At the end of the visit, Arantxa Tapia and Alex Arriola outlined all of the possible institutional support for the Basque industrial community and plastics technology in particular.