Transport trays

Key points

Based on customer needs, we provide the most efficient solution in terms of logistical flow, ergonomics and compatibility with automation processes. We have our own resources to carry out the entire process, which contributes to an improvement in service and control over results.

  • Own tray design


    3D blueprints: Our own specialised design in this type of application Material definition- Own laboratory: We seek the most appropriate material in terms of functionality and cost, always bearing in mind that the part’s quality should not be compromised.


  • Own mould manufacture


    We have facilities where we manufacture moulds both for prototypes and for series.
Depending on the number of parts to be thermoformed, we build wooden moulds (prototype), resin moulds (prototypes + pre-series) or aluminium moulds (series).
In some cases, when necessary, we use counter-moulds to properly finish the parts.

  • Extrusion Process: we manufacture sheet and rolls



  • Thermoforming process

    termoconformado maquina


    We have different thermoforming machines to adapt to the needs of our customers for parts. Both for size and for plastic materials, we offer our customer the most efficient and effective packaging solution.
    We have thermoforming capacity of up to 3.000×2.000×900 mm

  • Machining process

    bandeja-de transporte-llena


    We have several different CNC machining centres for a perfect finish for trays. Perimeter cut, drains, openings for handles, etc…