Our objective

Is to provide a Total Packaging Solution to our customers based on their needs.

Logistical optimisation:

Manage to house the greatest number of parts per tray and trays per container. We are specialists in searching for efficiency in available space.

Optimización logística

Compatibility with different part models:

Our trays are designed so that, insofar as is possible, one same model may house different types of parts.

Compatibility with automation processes:

This allows the part to be handled by automatisms.


We design our trays so that they may be manually handled in a more efficient and secure fashion for part and tray workers. They also include handles and anti-lock systems, so that the trays may be more easily handled.


The trays prevent the part from becoming harmed during the transport process.



We offer the possibility of identifying trays by using different parameters: colour, code or reference of the tray, brand or owner name, etc.

There is a possibility to mark the trays with colour bands to indicate the proper placement direction of the trays or parts.