At Plasnor we are prepared to deal with second waves of the pandemic: we manufacture transparent materials for protective partitions

Plasnor is prepared to act quickly and efficiently in the event of any regrowth of the pandemic, offering the best service for the manufacture of transparent materials for the production of protection screens against the Covid-19.

The days of lockdown are over, but unfortunately we’re hearing more and more reports of second waves and hotspots, although for the time being they are under control. Given this situation, it is essential not to let our guard down and to respect the safety and social distancing measures recommended by the authorities.

New challenges to deal with second waves of the pandemic

The future of our society is going to be tinged by new challenges to be solved because of the COVID-19 pandemic. At PLASNOR S.L., we are prepared to act in the event of a second wave and offer the best solution to prevent infection by manufacturing transparent thermoplastic sheets and boards to produce partitions that protect against COVID-19.

Bars, restaurants, beaches and shops will be visited by tourists in the summer, and in September kids will be heading back to school. It is important to consider how to guarantee people’s safety in shops, establishments and public places.

This “new normal” is posing several questions to all sectors: What safety and prevention strategies can be taken in the tourism and education sectors? Will we have enough time to secure the means and implement the procedures to ensure that the risk of infection is minimal? How will the authorities act in this new situation?

The near future is uncertain

At PLASNOR S.L., we know that the best way to act in uncertain circumstances is to be prepared. This is why we are prepared to guarantee the best manufacturing service of transparent materials which work effectively in any new outbreak.

In addition to taking all the necessary measures to prevent infection among our workers, we have also adapted our production. Today we have two board extrusion lines to manufacture transparent materials like PMMA (transparent plexiglass) and PS glass. We have used these materials to manufacture protective “anti-COVID-19” partitions during the pandemic. Plus, we have considerably increased our manufacturing capacity for specific materials (transparent extruded plexiglass).

Anticipation of the availability of raw materials is crucial. We are working with our suppliers to ensure we have sufficient quantities to respond quickly in the event of a second wave.

If you would like more information on acrylic and polystyrene sheets for coronavirus protection partitions, don’t hesitate to contact us here.