The 10 colours that will set the trends in the coming years in the furniture industry

Plasnor presented the 10 colours that will set trends in the coming years in the furniture industry. Whites, browns and greys will not disappear, but the use of a wider range of colours has gained ground in recent years. This has provided an opportunity for new colours and the combination of them to achieve modern and up-to-date kitchens.


Following the trend of the main markets and international manufacturers, these are the colours that will stand out in the coming years:


After the monopoly of white in kitchens, colour is finding its place year after year. Blues and greens such as Denim and Fjord are forging a path among earthy colours, or derivatives of grey or black, which remain in the top spots among the most used colours in kitchen furniture. Combining them with natural elements such as wood, will be the finishing touch for an ideal kitchen.

Black and its shades, such as Indigo, Graphite, Dust grey, and Onix grey are always associated with a cosmopolitan aesthetic and fashion-proof elegance.

Gloss, yes, scratches, no!

European trends in décor show that colours are not only gaining momentum in kitchens. Also, gloss is in fashion! But scratch-free gloss of course.

All of these colours are also available in Premium Acrylic quality, which has maximum scratch resistance on non-lacquered acrylic surfaces, with double the scratch resistance compared to the standard quality on the market.

Its mirror effect characteristic and high level of gloss, incomparable to that of other technologies, gives the Premium Acrylic sheets quality, distinction and modernity. This makes them the perfect option for coating all kinds of applications in the furniture sector.

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New product launch at Interzum 2019. Thanks for visiting us!

Once again this year, Plasnor exhibited at the INTERZUM Fair in Cologne (Germany) between 21 and 24 of May 2019. With 1,805 exhibitors from more than 60 countries and a record figure of 74,000 visitors, 75% of whom came from foreign countries, it is the Fair in the furniture sector with the greatest worldwide impact. 

Thus, it was the ideal showcase for the presentation of the new range of products developed by Plasnor.

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