Industries and applications

Sectors and applications EXTRUSION

We transform sheets and rolls for our customers’ parts belonging to very diverse industries:


Thermoforming For this industry, we supply sheets and/or rolls made with different thermoplastics (PS, ABS; ABS/PMMA, self-extinguishing, ABS/PC, PS/PE, etc.) according to required certification, the role of the parts and where they are to be placed. We do all of this so that the thermoformers can turn them into fairings, casings, protectors, decorations, trays, exhibitors, etc.


Sanitary For the sanitary industry, we mainly provide ABS/PMMA sheets, which are then transformed into sanitary parts, such as bathtubs, cabins, shower columns and trays and even spas. At a lesser proportion, we also supply other materials such as our NORSAN SUPERMAT, wood, marble, ceramic imitations, etc.


Refrigeration We supply the refrigeration industry with Stress cracking PS rolls, appropriate for the interior and sides of refrigeration chambers and refrigerators. This is a PS that is resistant to the later PU injection process which this type of part must frequently undergo.


PLV At the point of sale, the advertising industry frequently consumes our PS for exhibitors and/or advertising signs with different processes such as thermoforming, mechanisation, hot-rolling, printing, off-set printing, etc. The ability to very quickly develop colours is fundamental in this industry.


Furniture For the furniture industry, we make sheets with a High Gloss acrylic surface, highly valued on this market. This is our NORSAN HIGH GLOSS brand. Our customers use them to cover wood panels with a gluing process. Their panels then undergo a cutting process to manufacture kitchen cabinet doors.
The mirror effect of our sheets is particularly valued by our customers. A very wide range of colours is available with multiple decorative designs to complete our selection. Today, this makes our product is a star, exported worldwide to the five continents.


Packaging We supply sheets to make packaging with different materials. Sometimes they are basic (ABS, PE etc), and other times they are very technical (ABS/TPU) suitable for parts with machined areas. We therefore provide sheeting to companies that manufacture tailored packaging according to their technical requirements. These are materials to thermoform their trays for transporting or storing parts under optimum conditions, protecting the product and gaining time and space.


Automotive We supply ABS, PS/PE and ABS/PMMA sheets with different surface appearances for interior parts (luggage racks, seats, splash guards, mud guards, roofs, fairings, protections) and exterior parts (roofs, boots, headlights, etc.) for buses, vehicles that need no driving licence, tractors, trains, etc.


Medical We also supply sheets out of materials adapted to their application (PS, ABS, fireproof) for the pharmaceutical, hospital and medical industry.
These industries manufacture parts such as pharmaceutical trays, parts for beds or parts for carts, as well as different components of hospital machinery. On occasion and ever more frequently, they require sheets that meet certain pharmaceutical standards, as well as fireproof materials to comply with new regulations regarding fire-resistance.

Renewable energies

Renewable energies We provide sheets with different materials, such as ABS/ASA and/or similar for parts that make up renewable energy generating equipment such as wind generators, solar storage tanks, etc.