Material Contraction Resistance to Mpa* traction Resistance to IZOD Kj/m²** impact Characteristics Applications
High-Impact PS 0,2-0,5 16-24 10 Easy transformation, good rigidity, economic price Advertisement boards and exhibitors, simple trays
Stress cracking
0,2-0,5 23,5 10 Easy transformation with improved chemical resistance to oils, greases and PU injection Parts for inside refrigerators and trays for greasy foods.
PS/PE 0,7-1,2 19-20 33 Easy transformation with high impact resistance and good resistance to oils, greasy foods and chemical agents Panels for tractors, interior refrigerator coatings, containers and lids for margarines, salads, etc.
Flame-retardant PS 0,2-0,5 22-23 6 High fire resistance UL94 V0, starting at 1.5mm Frames for stamping machines and photocopy machines, office machines, computer monitors, etc.
ABS 0,4-0,9 40-45 25 Easy in transformation and shock-resistance and heat stability Vehicle fairings, casings, roofs, transport trays for parts
ABS/PMMA 0,4-0,8 35-40 20 Easy transformation, good UV resistance. Attractive surface appearance Casings for outside parts of vehicles with no need for a driving licence, vending machines, furniture doors
ASA 0,4-0,7 48-52 30 Excellent UV-ray resistance and high shock resistance, even when cold, good scratch resistance Exterior parts with strict requirements for UV and impact resistance
ABS/PC 0,4-0,8 55-65 50 Extraordinary impact resistance, even at -30º, high resistance to heat deformation. Bonnets, mud guards, bumpers, side parts and/or coverings for vehicles or construction machinery
Flame-retardant ABS 0,4-0,9 40-46 12 Similar to ABS with great fire resistance Parts with strict requirements for impact and fire resistance
Flame-retardant ABS/PC 0,4-0,8 53-69 40 Excellent behaviour with fire, high impact resistance, electric safety, chemical, hydrolysis and heat resistance Seats, coverings for walls and interior of buses, trains and undergrounds. Parts for electrical industry.

* ISO 527 D-638 5mm/min

** ISO 180/1A a +23ºC y 4mm